REVIEW: Raptors Airsoft RTV Helmet

Raptors Airsoft RTV Helmet

High-End Looks, Low-End Price Words: Jimmy “Bones” Beckett Photos: Walter Sidas Helmets seem to be all the rage these days on the field and the Ops-Core FAST Bump and helmets fashioned after it are a popular choice. The Raptors Airsoft RTV helmet is one of those popular alteratives to the real deal and I got one in my meat mitts ... Read More »


Review: ICS Galil ARM ICS-91

With modern rifle models changing faster than clean underwear, it’s hard to keep up with the latest “cool guy” gun. “Block II” this, and “Mk18” that; it can be a bit daunting to decipher at times (and sounds like a foreign language, too). Read More »

REVIEW: Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

In early 2012, Arc’Teryx introduced a new gray color optimized for urban and industrial margins called Urban Wolf. The theory behind it is that as light fades, black begins to stand out in the concrete jungle. Urban Wolf Gray works in these modern environments by allowing you to blend into low ambient light areas and shadows far more effectively. Read More »

EVENTS: Zombie Games!

Zombie Games!

You pull your magazine out of your pistol to check your ammo in the moonlight, and three rounds are all you see. You can hear them in the distance; shuffling footsteps, low moans and occasional gunfire usually punctuated with a scream, followed by silence. Read More »

EVENTS: OP: Sovereign Fury

Event: OP: Sovereign Fury

As we rounded the second curve we saw it; hundreds of wrecked and abandoned cars strewn across the road. The sight of such desolation made us hit the brakes to take it all in. Did we accidentally drive onto the set of The Walking Dead? Read More »

REVIEW: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

Review: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

Finding the right rig setup can be one of the more difficult things to do in the hobby. With vast options coming from all over the world in every shape, size, color or pattern, the options seem limitless. This rig is for the player that needs mobility, needs to be in the action and has to have the battle basics. Read More »

REVIEW: PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle

Polarstar PAKS-74UN Rifle

When I think about the new PolarStar PAKS-74UN rifle, I want to SHOUT words like “exquisite,” “immaculate,” “gorgeous,” and “Praise the Motherland!” All, of course, with my thickest Russian accent. I’ve actually started to think that communism isn’t such a bad thing and that maybe I should defect to be closer to Putin, the Kremlin and Russian “road ragers” with dashboard cams (apparently that’s a “thing” in Russia). Read More »

REVIEW: ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle

Review: ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle

Every airsoft player needs quality eye protection, that’s a fact. And if you want to really be protected you should be using a full seal goggle or mask. Lately, more and more fields are moving toward full seal goggles as they provide superior eye protection versus safety or shooting glasses. But there is a problem that comes along with this level of safety: full seal goggles fog. How can you hit your opponents if you can’t see them? Read More »

REVIEW: KWA ATP Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol)

KWA ATP Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol)

With so many pistols on the market these days, it’s hard to find one that stands out from that crowd. I’ve personally spent hours looking over countless sidearms just to see which one fit my hand the best, or looked the coolest. But then I made my way over to the ATP Auto and realized it had something extra. Read More »