REVIEW: Ares Generation 3 M4 AEG

Review: Ares Generation 3 M4 AEG

The M4 is one of the most common airsoft platforms seen on the field, and it's getting quite rare to see one come out that actually brings something new to the table. The 3rd Generation Ares M4 does indeed bring something new to the table in the form of its unique electronic trigger system, allowing this gun to be programmed to fire in several different modes. It has a few other tricks up its proverbial sleeves, including a functional bolt catch, precise rotary type hop-up and a quick-change spring system, all designed to help the serious player be more competitive on the field. Read More »

REVIEW: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

A Silence More Eloquent Than Words Every now and then, I become fixated on something. Usually something material in nature, I come across certain “things” that I find myself obsessing over until I figure out a way to make that thing mine. The PTS AAC SCAR-H SD Mock Silencer has been that “thing” on my mind for quite some time ... Read More »

REVIEW: VFC Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Review: VFC Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Full-Auto Firepower in the Palm of Your Hand! Smith & Wesson has recently started a surge into the airsoft market, and they are partnering up with A-list airsoft manufacturers to put together some truly awesome products for serious airsoft players. The M&P 9C is a prime example of this new doctrine; manufactured by VFC and giving you skirmishable performance in ... Read More »

TECH: LiPo Battery Myths Exposed

LiPo Battery Myths Exposed

Proper Selection, Care and Use for Your LiPo Batteries LiPo batteries (short for Lithium Polymer) are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the hobby world by storm. LiPos have three main things going for them that make them a perfect power source for your AEG, over NiCd or NiMH batteries. • They are lightweight and can be made ... Read More »

HOW TO: Tactics – Shoot, Move, Communicate!

Tactics - Shoot, Move, Communicate!

Keep Organized and Stay on Your Mission My first experience with MILSIM/airsoft was at a game in Massachusetts with 300 players back in 2004. I was the commander of one team and was immediately impressed with the airsoft replicas and gear the players had. That positive impression quickly faded when we entered the woods where there was no semblance of ... Read More »

HOW TO: Dealing With Hit Detection and Hit Status

How To: Dealing With Hit Detection and Hit Status

You’re Hit! What’s Next? While the specific rules may change at different events, in order for any game to work, it must have rules that are adhered to by the players. Since we are not playing a video game, the rules cannot be “enforced” automatically; hit players don’t act out some “death script,” their fire does not show up on ... Read More »

SAFETY: Eyewear 101

Safety - Eyewear 101

What is the single most important piece of gear you will take with you on an airsoft operation? It isn’t the hottest new AEG, or the tactical vest you just sunk a chunk of your paycheck into. No, it’s the one piece of equipment that is absolutely non-optional – your protective eyewear. Airsoft event organizers will not even allow you ... Read More »

REVIEW: Sly Profit Airsoft Mask

Review: Sly Profit Paintball Mask

Some people prefer to wear goggles for CQB action while others lean toward wearing more, like as a mask to protect their face. Those who are looking to preserve their fine complexion look to the Paintball industry’s offerings to select a mask that will fit their needs; after-all, who wants to explain that red blemish on your face on date ... Read More »

REVIEW: Camelbak Armorbak Carrier and 3L Antidote Reservoir

Shooter Review: Camelbak Armorbak Carrier and 3L Antidote Reservoir

Get your H2O On When you are out in the field or playing CQB for extended periods or on scorching hot days, having a hydration system is a must. All players should look into making this investment. After all, it is important to keep hydrated while playing to ensure you don’t feel the tiring effects of hot temperatures and sunlight. ... Read More »