EVENTS: Inside American MilSim

Inside American MilSim

What Makes These Top-Tier Event Organizers Tick? Blake Danyeur picks up his dusty radio for the third time in so many minutes to answer a question about respawn locations. The CoST force has just moved up on the battlefield and they are trying to determine where their wounded can medic back in. Such interruptions are common during an active game ... Read More »

NEWS: Bolt Airsoft B4 SOPMOD – New gun from a relatively new manufacturer!


Bolt Airsoft is a relatively new manufacturer who specializes in Recoil AEGs, and one of their latest is the B4 SOPMOD. Featuring a specialized V2 gearbox with a buffer tube located recoil weight, this thing kicks like a mule but still allows you to use standard AEG magazines and upgrades. It’s even rear wired, so you can change up the ... Read More »

NEWS: Airsplat LA Retail Store Grand Opening!


This just in from Airsplat! “Join us for our Los Angeles Store Grand Opening! We will have over $10,000 worth of prizes with raffles throughout the day and a chance for you to win an Echo1 Minigun!  The first 100 to arrive will receive a free raffle ticket and an Airsplat Care Package! Every purchase will come with a free ... Read More »

NEWS: New Video from PolarStar Airsoft!

New Video from PolarStar Airsoft!

PolarStar sponsored American Milsim’s OP: Broken Home II which was held at the D-Day Paintball Field in Wyandotte, OK. This was an outstanding event in which we were able to participate in helicopter gun runs, sneak attacks behind enemy lines using SUV’s and even got to go on patrol in a M113 APC! Special thanks to Elite Force Airsoft BBs ... Read More »

GEARBAG: Airsoft Swag – Get your Airsoft Insider T-Shirts

Airsoft Swag - Get your AI T-Shirts

What better way to let the world know you’re a true Airsoft junkie than to sport one of the finest garments on the market today…an Airsoft Insider T-Shirt! These 100% cotton, pre-shrunk off-the-field jersey’s are available in either Olive Drab or Tan and in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large. Wear it under your field gear. Sport it at your ... Read More »

NEWS: PTS RM4 ERG coming soon!


PTS’s newest rifle is coming soon, and it has a laundry list of features that we’re very excited about! Featuring a Magpul designed receiver and furniture, blowback action with real recoil, and a cutoff feature that stops the gun from firing when you run out of ammo using the special magazine, this thing is looking like it’ll be a great ... Read More »

EVENTS: Blacksheep at the Cove

Blacksheep at the Cove

National Event September 20-22 Age: 18+ Gore, Virginia Read More »

EVENTS: OP Blacksheep at Camp Guernsey Wyoming

OP Blacksheep at Camp Guernsey Wyoming.

Blacksheep Milsim will be hosting an event at Camp Guernsey in Wyoming. October 4th-6th 2013 AGE:18+ • Large scale MilSim event • Objective oriented, force-on-force • 24-hour tactical simulation • Camp Guernesy Joint Training Center, Guernsey, WY • A professional training facility with 2 MOUT/CACTF areas. Read More »