REVIEW: KJW Sig Sauer P229

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

One of my favorite aspects of airsoft firearms is the level of detail that goes into recreating the authentic look and feel of the original guns they are modeled after. In the case of the P229, I have owned a real Sig Sauer P229 in a 9mm caliber for several years; it is one of my favorite handguns next to my custom Ruger Mark III competition target pistol. Read More »

REVIEW: ICS CXP .08 Concept Rifle Sportline

Review: ICS CXP .08 Concept Rifle Sportline

I have a love-hate relationship with the M4. On one hand, I love the time-proven ergonomics, pleasant handling and low weight of the platform, but on the other (apparently more judgmental) hand, I hate that they’re so common. Even though there’s an abundant aftermarket for the M4 with nearly unlimited options for customization, it still seems that about 75 percent of the AEGs you see at the field are an M4 with a crane stock, quad rail, and various other bits and bobbles bolted to it. Read More »

REVIEW: ActionSportGames Ashbury ASW338LM

Review: ActionSportGames Ashbury ASW338LM

ActionSportGames has continued to partner with very high end airsoft manufacturers in order to produce licensed replicas of high-end real steel firearms, and the Ashbury ASW338LM is one of their newest to be released. A very impressive replica of the real Ashbury Asymmetric Warrior, the ASG 338 has all of the ergonomic and adjustability functions of its big brother, but without its pesky ability to punch .338-inch wide holes in meaty targets hundreds of yards away. Read More »

REVIEW: Umarex / VFC H&K MP5 A4

Umarex / VFC H&K MP5 A4

Possibly one of the most recognizable submachine guns to have ever been made, the MP5 by Heckler and Koch has been used across 80 countries since its inception. Originally produced in 1966 and still going strong today, the MP5 is still a favorite of SWAT teams, SEALs and law enforcement alike. And it doesn’t stop there. The MP5 has made its way onto TV and movie screens for decades on end as a favorite of on-screen heroes and villains. Read More »

PROJECT: Custom Build: Gucci’d Out A&K SR 25K

Custom Build: Gucci'd Out A&K SR 25K

Sometimes being a gun tech means building things you don’t want to. Other times you have customers request some pretty interesting things. They may even give you free rein on a build within a certain budget. Recently, my buddy Jabber came to me with an idea to update the SR 25K. Although not a fan of the HK 417 style guns, he still wanted that heavy look, so we went with an A&K SR 25K from Airsplat. Jabber laid out some requests for this build. He wanted accuracy and range but it also needed to meet his chrono requirements and there was one more thing; he didn’t want anything too complicated. Read More »

GEARBAG: Big Screen To Big Games

Big Screen To Big Games

Recently the trailer for the movie, “Lone Survivor” has created quite a bit of buzz in the airsoft world. It really does look like an intense flick with some well-done special effects, a cool story line and sweet gear. Like many players, I see some great movies and either want to be as cool as the character or just have the impressive stuff they have. Movies like “Black Hawk Down” and “Zero Dark Thirty” have encouraged a huge number of players to re-create the movies and even create kits based on the video games. Read More »

NEWS: Laser-Dot High Precision BBs


Born in Belgium, Laser-Dot High Precision BBs were purposefully created for catering to the most discriminating airsoft players using the industry’s best shooting equipment. We have put our considerable technical expertise to work in the design of our Laser-Dot airsoft BBs. Like our namesake implies, we have manufactured optical and laser grade polymer spheres for decades and this dedication to ... Read More »

EVENTS: Msato Op “Rhody”

Msato Op Rhody

The founders of MSATO/Cohorts were among the earliest innovators of Northeast MILSIM. Forged by several bona fide vets of the USSF community and talented event producers, MSATO/Cohorts has decades of combined experience built over years of running hardcore, ground-up, MILSIM operations. Read More »

EVENTS: OP Black Sheep At Camp Shelby

OP Black Sheep At Camp Shelby

By: Jimmy “Bones” Beckett Photos: Jimmy and Ross Oder Twenty-four hours of continuous nonstop airsoft action sound like a good time to you? How about an amazing MOUT site. Did we mention a barracks to stay in before the game with showers and food? Sounds pretty good right? That was Operation Blacksheep @ Camp Shelby in Mississippi. AREA OF OPERATIONS ... Read More »