REVIEW: PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle

Polarstar PAKS-74UN Rifle

When I think about the new PolarStar PAKS-74UN rifle, I want to SHOUT words like “exquisite,” “immaculate,” “gorgeous,” and “Praise the Motherland!” All, of course, with my thickest Russian accent. I’ve actually started to think that communism isn’t such a bad thing and that maybe I should defect to be closer to Putin, the Kremlin and Russian “road ragers” with dashboard cams (apparently that’s a “thing” in Russia). Read More »

REVIEW: ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle

Review: ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle

Every airsoft player needs quality eye protection, that’s a fact. And if you want to really be protected you should be using a full seal goggle or mask. Lately, more and more fields are moving toward full seal goggles as they provide superior eye protection versus safety or shooting glasses. But there is a problem that comes along with this level of safety: full seal goggles fog. How can you hit your opponents if you can’t see them? Read More »

REVIEW: KWA ATP Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol)

KWA ATP Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol)

With so many pistols on the market these days, it’s hard to find one that stands out from that crowd. I’ve personally spent hours looking over countless sidearms just to see which one fit my hand the best, or looked the coolest. But then I made my way over to the ATP Auto and realized it had something extra. Read More »

MEDIA: Interview: Kenneth Wu, CEO of


The Man Behind the Company Words: Jimmy Beckett Do you ever wonder what it’s like to work in the airsoft world? I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Kenneth Wu, the CEO of, to learn what it takes to run one of the largest online airsoft retail companies in the world and find out more about their ... Read More »

REVIEW: Umarex H&K G36C

Review: Umarex H&K G36C

A rifle with a sleek and futuristic look, the G36 is a great AEG to round out any airsofters collection. It comes with a robust Version 3 gearbox and rails for optics, lights, lasers and fore grips; right out of the box. This is also the gun that Chuck Norris used in the Expendables 2 motion picture. Read More »

HOW TO: Replace a V2 (Version 2) Wiring Harness

How To: Replace a V2 (Version 2) Wiring Harness

It always seems like in the heat of the action, your AEG will have an issue. Now that you’re sidelined, what do you do next? Some may kick the repair over to a local shop, sit back on the couch, drink Red Bull and watch a Ridiculousness marathon, but not this guy and I’m not going to let you either… it can all happen from your workbench. Read More »

REVIEW: VFC V3X Tactical Illuminator Flashlight

Review: VFC V3X Tactical Illuminator Flashlight

If you play night games or games in low light situations, then a light mounted to your primary is crucial. This allows you to keep your AEG or GBB in action while providing illumination into those dark areas where your opponent is hiding. Do I have your attention now? Read More »

TECH: Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

For those of us that are heavily into the game, maintenance and repairs are commonplace and the expense of paying for a tech to work on our airsoft replicas can really add up. If you are technically inclined, or not afraid to learn, then arming yourself with some basic tools of the trade will allow you to properly maintain your airsoft equipment and keep you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Read More »

MEDIA: Ballahack Airsoft August 16th action

Another great video from Ballahack Airsoft. This is video footage from a game held on August 16th. Some amazing shots and it seems that the Multirotor or “drone” gives a great perspective to these already amazing videos. Do you have a field like this local to you? or just a cool video? Post up we want to see the best! ... Read More »